About me



My name is Greg Violi. My wife, Marie, and I have 4 daughters and 9 grandchildren.

We live in Germany and we are in the midst of a revival where people are being healed of depression, suicidal desires, emotional wounds, trauma, father and mother wounds, marriages are being transformed, physical healings, many people are being set free from all kinds of bondages, lives are being transformed and many more things that the Lord is doing. About 30 years ago, I knew that there were books in my spirit, but I said to the Lord that I will not write anything unless I am living it. One day, I heard His gentle voice saying, "Now it is time to start to write". Since the first book, The King's Holy Beauty, several more books have been written and each book has testimonies of changed lives. My main desire is to worship the Father in spirit and truth. I have a deep desire to see lives radically changed, marriages totally healed and people living Christ right where they are - always starting at home and then in the workplace and in society! A people saturated with the Presence of Father and His love! May each reader be deeply impacted in a positive way by every word that you read in these writings. All of these books have a strong supernatural Presence because the Holy Spirit places me within His heart while I write. Many blessings as you digest these truths.

In the Bond of Calvary's love,
Greg Violi