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The Secrets of a Fantastic Marriage

The Secrets of a Fantastic Marriage

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As any married couple knows, a struggling marriage can result in anger, pain, grief, and resentment. So often, those struggles come from elsewhere in life, such as past wounds, emotional scars, and broken relationships. Author and marital counselor Greg Violi and his wife Marie Violi reveal God's plans to release you from that bondage. The Secrets of a Fantastic Marriage unlocks and provides the most powerful tools that any couple can use to secure a fulfilling, fantastic relationship. Greg and Marie take readers through the magnificent heights and glorious depths of God's love and how it changes the destiny of relationships. The struggles of life can leave anyone scarred and struggling. But by taking life's burdens to the cross, anyone can experience the joyous freedom available through the blood of Christ. In this new revised edition of "The Secrets of a Fantastic Marriage" readers will learn that it is possible to experience a fantastic marriage in today's world through the application of the practical concepts herein. Discover for yourself the all new chapters on godly sex, loving your spouse's tempera- ment/personality and how to keep the flame of love burning. Join the authors and witness the same incredible results in your own life that they have seen revolutionize hundreds of marriages across the globe.



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