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Hidden Secrets

The Disguised Murderer: Misogyny in the Church!

The Disguised Murderer: Misogyny in the Church!

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The Disguised Murderer: Misogyny in the church.

Have you felt hopeless, confused by what appears to be good and helpful, but for some reason, you just do not feel like its alright? Do you feel like you really love your wife, but what seems to come out of you is more often frustration than love? Do you feel like no matter how hard you try to be the best wife, it ‘s never good enough? When you, walk into a Church, does it just seem like you are not welcome even though everyone is friendly to you. There is a very deep evil in the blood of Adam and only the blood of Jesus can cleanse the subconscious mind from the effects of this evil. This hidden evil will often appear as good and loving in public to others, but then all of the hidden manifestations from the generational bloodline will manifest in the home and especially with the wife. This book will expose misogyny and it will lead the reader into a complete cleansing and healing from all of its effects. After the freedom from misogyny, the man will discover his true purpose in life, he will walk in a much greater discernment and his power to reign will become a living reality in his daily life. He will be an authoritative godly, leader with the blessings of heaven upon his entire life. Read this book and enter into the heart of God and reveal his kingdom on earth.



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